Making safe shopping child's play

We want to offer children, teenagers and their parents an innovative, safe and entertaining shopping platform. A brilliant selection of well-known online shops makes for an incredible shopping experience.
While our OKIKO Filter Function gives parents maximum transparency and peace of mind, children and teenagers can browse the various shops and select the exact product that they want.

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You'd like to become an OKIKO partner?

Lots of advantages await OKIKO partners:

  • Access a broad target group: OKIKO offers children and teenagers their first direct access to the exciting world of online shopping.
  • This young target group has a high purchasing power that you can directly profit from as an OKIKO partner because your key customer target group is given direct access to your shop's offers.
  • OKIKO is offered in the most popular child-friendly shops. We guarantee you as an OKIKO partner simple integration into your existing shop system and fast support.
  • Benefit from an affordable and efficient cost structure with a fixed transaction fee and low sales commission.

Do you have further questions about OKIKO or would like to become a partner? Provide us with your email address and we will be happy to send you all the important information.