The idea behind OKIKO

Internet and online shopping are now well-established terms for children. Pocket money is an important first step in long-term monetary education, at first under parental supervision and over time with increasing independence.

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Safety, transparency, fun and learning

OKIKO is a secure platform where children can manage their pocket money online and buy suitable products on the internet. Our "OKIKO Smart Filter Function" ensures that only those products that are appropriate for your child's age and are legal can be purchased.

Educational games and a child-friendly learning environment also familiarize your children with lots of interesting and important information all about money. With OKIKO, they become little financial super heroes and learn about the key aspects of the world of money.

Online shopping with OKIKO

A whole host of awesome shops await you and your children. Our shop list (LINK) gives you an overview of your shopping options. Pre-sorted categories such as "Clothing" and "Toys" make shopping easier.


With the OKIKO account you can set up individual saving schemes with a specific goal. Children and teenagers have to learn that they do not always need to spend their pocket money right away, but that they can also save it to fulfill a long term dream. They can check their progress at all times. Saving money is then even more fun.